Two friends of mine went to nursing school together. Upon completion of their education outside factors kept them away from the profession that they worked so hard to be a part of. They both kept the jobs that they worked through school and at one point or the other started to think that they would never be nurses and probably didn’t want to be anyway. The jobs available weren’t for new graduates and no one was hiring without professional experience. The catch-22 was that nurses were in a high demand at the time and still are to this day. Through networking and perseverance the first student finally gets the job she has worked so hard for and has been excelling at for almost a year now. Recently, after some persuasion and motivational conversation, the first nurse has inspired the second to pursue her career and is now gainfully employed. The second nurse was thanking the first nurse that inspired and motivated her to reignite that passion and start working in the field that she studied so hard for. It is no doubt of mine that both of these women will be leaders in their industry in no time. Their brilliance and compassion give all of their actual patients and us potential patients the confidence and comfort in knowing that we are receiving the best care possible.

This story makes me think of the traits that it took for them to finally realize their dreams: perseverance, encouragement and belief in others. Sometimes when we aren’t realizing our full potential we need our fellows to give us that extra boost. Our fellows can’t give us the encouragement we need unless they know our dreams.

Affirmation: I am worth believing in. I have lots to offer the world and people want to help me.

Call to Action: Tell somebody about your dreams, keep telling people about your dreams until you make them a reality. If you are living your dream take interest in your fellows, see how you can encourage them and help them realize their dream.

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