31. Asking for Help

Earlier this week my truck would not start. It was frustrating because I was headed into work. I was blessed because my roommate, who usually leaves for work before me, was still home, and able to give me a ride to work. The last two days I have had to reach out to co-workers for a ride to and from work.

We usually lead each week with a quote, and as you can see today there is no quote. I was able to find a bunch of quotes about the importance of helping others, and quotes about asking God for help, but there were very few quotes about asking other people for help.

This week my eyes have been open to how hard it is to ask for help, but how easily people like to say yes. It forced me to get out of my comfort zone which I always appreciate in hind sight. My life is set up in such a way that I am usually the person that is able to offer help. My gift this week was being able to reach out and accept help regardless of my “I can do it myself attitude.”

Affirmation: Today I am helped, and I am helpful. The world is better when I am able to receive help, and allow the world to be helpful to me.

Call To Action: Where in your life can you ask for help? When was the last time someone asked you for help? How can you extend help to someone that might not be able to ask?

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