20. Grey Area

“I guess what I’m trying to say, is that if I can change, and you can change, everybody can change!” – Rocky Balboa

Recently I was having a conversation with a woman who was talking about being scared of the gray areas of her life. She expressed about how the parts of her life that are black and white were the areas she felt most comfortable. I have had some time to think about this conversation, and I can remember feeling exactly the same way. My most vivid memory of this was in high school when I was working on a group project about local prisons and detention centers. The presentation date was quickly approaching and we had not completed the assignment yet. I can remember the overwhelming feeling of not knowing what the outcome was going to be and feeling extremely scared. Our group was very much in a gray area. We ended up completing the project no problem, but that gray area almost killed me.

I have grown and matured in my life, and now I love the gray areas of life. Today the open ends, and unknown represent infinite possibilities. I recently moved across the country to take a job, and it has left a lot of new opportunities and possibilities in my life. I am not completely comfortable with all the ongoing change, but when I start doubting or getting uneasy it is much easier to turn back to the thought of this being a new journey.

The fear has been replaced by optimism, and the outcomes flow easy and effortlessly. I am grateful for this change in my outlook, and I hope you can see the importance of change in your life too.

Affirmation: Today I embrace the changing of my life, and love the opportunities that bloom out of the gray.

Call to Action: Where have you changed or embraced the gray areas of life? How has this impacted you? Please share your experience with the CYLF Family.

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