18. MOM

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” – Abraham Lincoln

Just the other day I watched a video on the computer where Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder received the NBA MVP.  During a portion of his acceptance speech he cited the ability to look back upon the life he has lived and to give credit where it was due and that was to his mother.  He stated how she motivated him, disciplined him, believed in him and provided for him so that his dreams could be realized.

I have a mother like this and for that I am truly blessed.  My life has not always been as easy as it is today and through all the toughest times when I had no interest in the help that was coming my way, my mother loved me and sacrificed for me anyway.  If I honestly look at my life today I can clearly see where her selfless, unconditional love keep me moving forward and even alive at times.

This Sunday is Mothers Day and I am going to take the time to let my Mother know exactly what she has meant to me and give her the credit that is due.  I know when I was a younger man I took all the blessing that were coming my way from my mother for granite, if I recognize that today, now is absolutely the best time to express that to that woman who has always and will always love me.  Here at CYLF we talk allot about unconditional love and in my life I have to look no further than to my mom to see what that looks like in action.

Thank you for my Life…you are truly a “gift from god!”

Affirmation: Today I will show the world the person who my mother has always believed I am!

Call to Action: If you are a mother, thank you for all that you do, please treat yourself and feel the gratitude that this world has for you strength, courage and unconditional love.  If you have a mother or know a mother, take some time to do something for them.  I have found that the little things matter so much more than the big things.  Take some time to see the amount of effort that it took to get you to where you are today and use that experience to give a little back on this perfect reminder holiday.

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