14. Anything is possible


I was talking with one of my mentors yesterday he mentioned his disbelief in the impossible. He went on to say how he had accomplished so much in his life that everyone told him was impossible. Seeing the doubt in my face he told the story of moving to Los Angeles with only sixty dollars to his name and a year later he was a regularly seen on television as an actor. I would have to agree in the thought that nothing is impossible.


Growing up I always heard my parents tell me that I could be anything that I wanted. Unfortunately all of my goals were short lived. I never put full effort into anything and I frequently changed my mind as to what I wanted to do. Now I realize that if I put in the maximum effort, keep an open mind and heart, I can do anything I want. As I chase my new dream career, doors open in the right direction every week if not every day. I make choices that alter my future and I am always moving forward.


I have to say anything is possible. If you have a dream you can live it, all you have to do is give it everything you got. I admit not all the time do I give it everything I got but I put a damned good effort on it. I fall short and slack off but I keep my goals in sight and keep marching on with my best foot forward. Listen to positivity and prove the naysayers wrong!


Affirmation: I am the creator of my own destiny. I can have the life beyond my wildest dreams.


Call to action: What are you doing to chase your dreams? What areas of your life are unnecessary and actually detour you from your dreams?


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