50. Perseverance

“By perseverance the snail reached the ark.” – Charles Spurgeon

Tonight I set out to do a project that I had never done before. I estimated that the project would take about an hour or so. It seemed simple, I had watched my friend do it before, but I did not think about the fact that he had gone to school to do this certain task. The overall event ended up taking me almost four hours to do. It turned out very good, but the time invested was a shock at the end.

What I know right this moment is that if I had any other mind set besides getting the job done it would have never been complete. Motivation, and determination were the key to the project being completed for a Friday deadline. Not only was I able to finish I was able to turn my excitement and joy into a CYLF post.

Affirmation: Today I am able to embrace Life, and get the job done!

Call to Action: What have you completed recently in your life that brought you an awesome feeling of completion? How did you persevering through that help you in other areas of your life? Please share some thoughts and insights with the CYLFriday community.

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