Day 37 – Monday Nov. 25, 2013

Reflecting on Gratitude

As I reflect on the past 37 days, I am grateful to have CYLF and the 40 day gratitude challenge. Over the last month we have had to keep our mind and heart on things we are grateful for, and my life is better for it.

I wrote the rough draft of this post on a piece of paper that had “love lives here” in the upper left hand corner. No matter the circumstances of my life and the things going on around me, I hope and strive to always have love living in my heart.

Daily Gratitude list
1. I am grateful for _______________
2. I am grateful for _______________
3. I am grateful for _______________
4. I am grateful for _______________
5. I am grateful for _______________

1 thought on “Day 37 – Monday Nov. 25, 2013

  1. Hi Sweetie I hope to day is good for you. I always love hearing your voice. Things will get better You know this is Aiden blog right? Love you XXOO MP

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