Day 35 – Saturday Nov. 23, 2013

Sweaty Gratitude!

Last night I had the chance to participate in a sweat lodge. It was not my first time, but it ended up being a good reminder of how important it is for me to be pushed and challenged. When something comes to me easy I usually do not appreciate it. Last night I was able to receive some knowledge, and prayers through a ceremony that was physically tough.

I woke up this morning and was grateful for the peace and calm that I felt through out the day. What things in your life have you had to work for, and today you are thankful for the challenge? Are you struggling today with something that you might be able to see the importance of going through tough times?


Daily Gratitude list
1. I am grateful for _______________
2. I am grateful for _______________
3. I am grateful for _______________
4. I am grateful for _______________
5. I am grateful for _______________

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