Day 20 – Friday Nov. 8, 2013

Consistent Gratitude.

I realize it is a lot to ask for someone to always be in a state of gratitude. I can be on the look out for things that begin to get between me and a heart of thankfulness. It might be a person, situation, place, or idea that can distract me from gratitude, but it is my choice to allow whatever it might be to bring me down.

Today I choose gratitude. When I am on top of the world, and when I feel down and out; I choose gratitude. If I am getting out of bed, walking into work, or enjoying the beautiful fall leaves; I choose gratitude. What do you choose today?

Daily Gratitude list
1. I am grateful for _______________
2. I am grateful for _______________
3. I am grateful for _______________
4. I am grateful for _______________
5. I am grateful for _______________

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