Day 8 – Sunday Oct. 27, 2013

Forgiveness:  I am thankful for the power to forgive!!!

Today I celebrate the power to forgive.  Today everyone is forgiven for everything they have ever done.  Through the power of thankful living, I realize how incredibly blessed  I am, so I want to give a gift to the world.  My gift is that everyone is forgiven.  No matter what they have done, I forgive them.  As I give the gift of forgiveness, I am set free.

Forgiveness also applies to me.  I am forgiven for everything thing that I have done that has harmed another.  I am forgiven for every little thing and every big thing.  Today, I celebrate forgiveness and I am set free.

Daily Gratitude list
1. I am grateful for _______________
2. I am grateful for _______________
3. I am grateful for _______________
4. I am grateful for _______________
5. I am grateful for _______________

2 thoughts on “Day 8 – Sunday Oct. 27, 2013

  1. I am grateful for an understanding fiancé
    I am grateful for forgiveness
    I am grateful for understanding friends
    I am grateful for 2013 ASCYPAA committee
    I am grateful to be of service

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