40 days of Gratitude

I was working a freelance job for the past two days. The kind of job that pays well but is not consistent. I stayed busy the whole day, busy enough that a 12-hour shift did not really seem that long. At the end of the day some of the bosses and my boss’s bosses thanked me for the work I did. I thanked them for the opportunity and I felt gratitude in my heart.  Its funny how this simple act of them thanking me at the end of the day made me feel good about my work. I wonder what the workforce would be like if at every 9-5 job, the bosses thanked their employees before they went home each day.

I am reflecting on gratitude today to start getting in the spirit of the next forty days. We start on Sunday with a topic, question, or some sort of prompt to help you think of what your grateful for and we will have a new post everyday for the next forty days. The fortieth day lands on Thanksgiving, a perfect way to start the holiday season.

Affirmation: I am the catalyst for positive change amongst my friends and my community.

Call To Action: Will you take the forty days of gratitude with us? Be brave, be bold, post it on our page or share on Facebook with us what you are grateful for. Inspire gratitude amongst your friends. In forty days you will have a new life!

2 thoughts on “40 days of Gratitude

  1. As a manager of a large hourly staff I can say that expressing gratitude towards the people who make your day to day operation move forward is an extremely important aspect of my daily management duties. Unfortunately I must make note that gratitude, like anything in life, can be taken for granted. Over exposure results in a numbing affect.

    Does this mean it should stop? Should it be withheld for those only who appreciate it? No, as you stated the results of gratitude are not necessarily the immediate. Not to sound too “crunchy” but the cosmic reverberations of your gratitude are the most important things.

    It is in this that my message lies – To those who do provide gratitude, positive feedback and general good vibes. You are appreciated, needed and loved. Don’t stop even when your message seems to be ignored; its just being heard on a larger level.

  2. Great Post! Thank you CYLF crew.
    I am a life long student which requires keeping up with technology, so I take classes that will enhance my learning experience as I continue to master new software. At the end of each class I always thank the instructor, a simple but important gesture. I am truly grateful, that I have the privilege to learn new things. I never hear anyone else saying thank you. I wonder how our instructor would feel if every one said thank you at the end of class?

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