37. Release

“You leave old habits behind by starting out with the thought, ‘I release the need for this in my life’.” – Wayne Dyer

Last weekend I got the chance to attend a TEDx event. The last speaker of the day really caught my attention. I am a doer, and a guy that likes to accomplish things. The speaker’s talk was titled “The Power of Quitting”, reading ahead in the program I was not sure that was a talk for me. I was very wrong.

The speaker, Rachael Horner, had three points; decide which goals are worthwhile, quit early, and be pragmatic about our approach. I thought about the times I hung on to things that were no longer serving me, and I refused to release. Many of these things, once I was able to let go of them, I was grateful they had finally left my life.

The destructive behaviors in my life were the easy ones to see right away, what a gift it was to quit. The things that were not as easy to see were the jobs I held on to a bit too long, the relationships that last just days longer than needed, and the things I am still holding onto today that I should have already quit.

Today, I challenge you to look at what is and is not worthwhile in your life, quit those things that are not worthwhile now, and acknowledge those mistakes and learn from them.

Affirmation: I release and I let go, I let the Spirit run my life, my heart is open wide!

Call to Action: Please share with us what goal you are going to move on from, and how you will use that time towards something more worthwhile.

1 thought on “37. Release

  1. Our society has a structure in place that quitters are losers….what a fresh perspective that being a quitter is actually a brave action. “To know when to fold”………
    And so it is!

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