“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” –Gandhi

Due to the traumatic events of my childhood, I learned at a very young age how to bottle up all of my feelings and move on. Today, at 27 years old, I am learning to feel again. Oh, what an experience it truly is! Between the uncontrollable spells of tears and rage, an incredible outpouring of real, true love is beginning to show its face.   As the overwhelming emotions begin to settle themselves and become regulated, I find I am blessed to know what it is like to really feel.

As this new influx of emotions had begun to occur, I couldn’t help but look at the events of my past and get angry. I felt cheated. I felt wronged. I wanted to stand atop a mountain and scream to the world about how I had been dealt a raw deal. Then, I landed back on Earth. Anger turned to depression. This is where I became the victim, and what a terrible thing to be. My relationships quickly became hostage situations. I was confronted and rescued by my support group who presented me with the only thing that could salvage my situation; action.

Regardless of where I come from or the situations that have taken place in my life, I must realize that it is only my actions that can lead me to freedom and happiness. My anger towards others and anything that has taken place can only bring more pain. I must learn to forgive before I can be free. Most of all, I must learn to forgive myself. It is only by forgiveness that the pain can be released. My resentment will not bring me any peace.

I know I’m not perfect in the end

Your broken heart, I’ve tried to mend

Instead I made you hurt and cry

Maybe I should say goodbye

Would it be better for me to go?

I asked you, and you said “No.”

Why say no when I hurt you so bad

Because if I left, then you’d be sad

You forgive me because you care so much

Your feelings for me are not a crutch

You say you love me to the moon and back

And you held me close, never made an attack

Now I know what true love is

Unbreakable, unconditional, splendid bliss



Affirmation: Today I am forgiven. Today I am at peace. Today I am able to love unconditionally.

Call to Action: Where in your life are you holding onto anger and resentment too tightly? What good is this doing you? Let go of your anger and your fears. Forgive. Give yourself some peace and walk into the bright sunlight of freedom and see what your resentment has been keeping from you. Be kind, be gentle, and see the good in everyone. It’s there somewhere. 



We would like to thank the many contributors leading up to this guest post and in advance for all of our other guest writers that are thinking about it and will keep posting.

1 thought on “Forgive

  1. I always need the reminder! I manifest unresolved resentments in my body and at times I’m not sure what it is….so I have been working on an overall forgiveness and willingness to release and be that good that I know I am!

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