20. Rewards

“Before the reward there must be labor.  You plant before you harvest.  You sow in tears before you reap joy.”  – Ralph Ransom

Last weekend I was able to take an amazing trip to one of the most beautiful places that I have seen in my lifetime. I went on this adventure with one of my lifelong friends and a large group of acquaintances. This place is special for so many reasons, it is off of the beaten path, far away from civilization, lightly traveled and you have to put in work to get to this far off location.

When I first heard of this opportunity I was struck with the fears that come with any new adventure, can I take the time away from my busy life, am I prepared for the struggles that are involved with the journey and will it be worth it.  As with most fears, I put in my end of the work, I did my best to clear the space in my schedule, I adjusted my mindset to allow for a successful trip and I trusted in the people who went before me to believe that the journey was worth it.

The reward that I received through the effort I put forth in preparation and effort once I began far exceeded anything I could have planned for.  The location was so incredibly beautiful, there was a true connection to nature and a bond built with the other people who I took the trip with. The work that I put in paid off.

As with most great achievements and gifts that I receive, I try to relate them back to my day-to-day life.  I often find that I am unwilling to prepare and put forth the effort but I always want the reward.  In truth, a lot of the time I can get away with that. This experience showed me something much deeper, there was no way to get the benefit without the work.  The greatest benefit was the feeling of accomplishment for doing something that was so foreign to me.  I think what this means for me is the more I put forth all the effort necessary the sweeter the rewards will be.

Affirmation: In this moment I am so grateful for the chance to see that I truly do reap what I sow.

Call to Action:  Are there any places in your life where you expect an outcome but are not willing to put in the work.  Does it sometimes feel like the rewards you are getting are unwarranted?  Is there a better way and more fulfillment around the corner if you put forth a more honest and concerted effort.  I know there are some places where this is very true for me…how about you?

Reward 1

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