Growing up

“El diablo sabe mucho porque el es diablo, no porque el es viejo” (The devil knows more because he is old, than because he is the devil)   -Mexican Proverb

Last sunday I was graced with the chance to sit in on a small intimate seminar led by a buddhist monk who brought knowledge and inspiration into a group of people that were searching to grow and change.  Just sitting in that space with a group of like minded people always makes me feel like I am walking on the right path.  The message that I was able to take home was a perfect reminder of the why I need to work on myself, be patient, and allow the results to be as they may, instead of how I expect they should be.  


In the middle of his talk he told a joke which really lightened the mood and since then I have not been able to separate it from my mind.  He started by speaking of how we all get old and as we age, we change.  He mentioned how today I am a bit more developed and changed than I was yesterday. Which, rolled right into him sighting how he has gotten his wrinkles over the years too.  He then said “I am very grateful the wrinkles didn’t come all at once.”  It got a great laugh and I feel it stuck with several of the attendees based on conversations that we have had over the last week.


What I took from his joke, was that I need to be grateful for the time it takes for things to change.  If I truly got everything I wanted right when I wanted it, I may be surprised in the life I would create for myself.  When I was a child I wanted to be older and I hear many people older than myself, wishing that they would be younger.  I realize in this moment I am right where I want to be and I am incredibly grateful that my life doesn’t change as fast as I sometimes think it should.  

Affirmation: I know more today than I knew yesterday, and I will continue to learn and experience the world around me.

Call to Action: Think of how you have changed for the better. Tell us something different about yourself from last week, last month, last year or just some time long before today. Tell us and rejoice in who you have become.

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