2. Relax

“Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.” –William S. Burroughs 

It seems that powers much greater than myself have been doing their best to teach me and many others a lesson about relaxation.  We are currently experiencing what is being deemed the worst flu season on record. Even I fell victim to this illness about 5 weeks ago.  When I first felt the cold coming on I did what I usually do, get a healthy mantra, and try to power through, since I had so many things on my plate thanks to the full life I live.  After a few days, I had the feeling that it wasn’t going away, so I took some medicine and lots of fluids as was earlier recommended to me, but I didn’t take the time to slow down and relax.  The result of my conscious unwillingness to take it easy was an unconscious shut down of my body, I was weak, my head stuffy and I had no energy.As I look back over these weeks of sickness I can say that was exactly what I needed.  A complete and utter lesson in humility to remind myself that if I slow down and relax once in awhile things will take care of themselves.  I have gotten better and I am feeling healthy again plus at this point I have gained a little more perspective with which I have the choice to bring into other areas of my life.

On a regular basis I find myself trying to fix, prepare, and set things in just the right way, running myself raw and then looking back and wondering why my goals were not met and I am so exhausted.  My goal when I first got sick was to get better, but I didn’t want to let go of the reigns that I hold on my experience, once I did I started to heal and actually enjoyed clearing off some of my plate.  I can see clearly today how well this could work in many other aspects of my life, sometimes I just need to relax and see how the world can best use me instead of trying so hard to make the world mold to my ideals.  So, at least for this day, I am going to be sure to take some time and relax, have a few extra breaths, look around at the majesty in which I live and let the universe do it’s magic, I think the result will be glorious.

Affirmation: As I sit back and relax the right answers and solutions become clearer.

Call To Action:  Take a break, relax a bit.  Practice the art of relaxing and see what the world has in store with a little extra time given to it’s process.  Share with our community what you do to relax and recenter through your day, I know I can always use some new ideas.

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