49. Acceptance

“My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance, and in inverse proportion to my expectations.” – Michael J. Fox

I have a very shocking but true revelation to share with the Change Your Life Friday community. Earlier today I had a situation arise that I was not prepared for, did not expect and I did not like the outcome. I know it is hard to believe; something did not go “my way.” Maybe that is not so shocking of a revelation but it is a truth I can count on almost everyday, at some point throughout my day something will come up that I am not prepared for, don’t expect or just do not want to accept.  If I know this is bound to happen I should do my best to prepare for such events or situations.

I am so grateful that I began practicing acceptance, soon after I was presented the benefits it breeds.  Classically I would have extremely high expectations of the people in my life, and how I would feel situations and opportunities should play out.  Almost without fail I would become very upset when things did not work out the way I thought they should or people neglected to treat me the way I imagined they might.  As soon as that cycle would start it was incredibly hard to find the end, I was bothered by the world and I couldn’t accept life as I was experiencing it.

What has changed through the practice of acceptance is that I have gained a deep rooted belief that the universe around me is exactly the way it is intended to be.  If I have that belief then nothing truly can be wrong, and I am exactly where I am supposed to be in this moment.  Acceptance is a very powerful tool that I can choose to use to save me from myself.  It hardly takes any effort at all just a choice in the idea that maybe this really is the way things are supposed to be due to the fact that this is the way things are…

Affirmation:  My life is exactly the way it is intended to be in this moment and for that I am grateful!

Call to Action:  Take some time today to look at your experience and see what is causing you the most pain or discomfort.  Ask yourself if you could accept the situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be would you feel better.  If the TRUE answer is yes, try acceptance on and feel some liberation and freedom.  Please share if you dare…Thank you life…

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1 thought on “49. Acceptance

  1. Accepting a situation as this is the way it is will make my life easier. Accepting this is the way it is, is the tough part. I will work on acceptance and keep track of my progress and happiness. My guess is I will be happier!

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