“One day at a time” – Them people

Usually around this time of year I take on too many projects. I find myself in over my head and stressed out. This is not how life should be lived. This year was different, I knew it was coming, told everyone my calendar is full until November, and it still happened. I found myself in over my head yet again.

Years ago a friend in a high stress field shared his insight. He mentioned when he was in school the stress was almost unbearable. He used the phrase, “One day at a time”. Then he broke it down further: one task at a time, one hour, and even one minute at a time. I was thinking of this when I was getting ready this morning. I realized that for me one task at a time seemed like an appropriate increment. My day went great today. I accomplished all that I set out to and even some more.

At the end of my day just as I was leaving my night class a project due date got moved up to next week. Instead of worrying, complaining, or stressing out about it, I just plugged it into my weekend schedule. My new attitude towards the “things I have to do” was acceptance, and I realized what this weeks post needed to be about.

Affirmation: This moment is the only moment that I need to be in at this moment. It feels so good to live right here, right now.

Call to action: Break up your day into tasks that you need to do. If you don’t have a high stress life or to many things to do, think about that project you have been wanting to start but didn’t have the time. Make the time and get started, one piece at a time. Until you figure out how to put a puzzle together in one motion continue to practice this art of present purpose. Share a bit about how this has applied.

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