36. Anicca/Impermanence

“This too shall pass” – Proverb

In this moment I feel like a king sitting on top of the world. The previous three days I have felt quite the opposite. It seems I have found myself on an emotional roller coaster, and I do not really know why.

A few months back I went to a meditation retreat and one of the statements the man leading the meditation would say over and over was “Ah-KNEE-CHAaaaa” or anicca. It was a reminder that whatever we were feeling during our meditation, at that moment, would certainly change. It was true time and time again much like it is in life.

During the past three days of discomfort, discontent, frustration, and unhappiness I was able to remind myself of the impermanence of life. One of the ways I did that was by remembering that this too shall pass.

Driving home from a friend’s house tonight I was listening to a song and the lyrics danced into my ears “I’m still a little more lost than I am found, but I’m comin’ around, but I’m comin’ around.” The waterworks came on and there I was driving my Jeep, blaring a song with therapeutic tears rolling down my cheeks and it felt good.

Affirmation: This too shall pass, Thank You Life!

Call to Action: In life there are so many great windfalls and failings that in their moment seem to have all the control over us. Eventually just as the proverb goes, those things pass. Take some time using this as a reminder that time will do it’s work and our current circumstances although sometimes unbelievably will indeed pass. Make the choice if you have the guts to push them through right now in this moment or make the choice to continue letting them control your circumstances. I am going to let go of some fear, Right Now and affirm the good in my life…care to join me?

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