25. Pause

“You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.” – Walter Hagen

June 1st I released most of my personal obligations by resigning from a job and handing on my belongings reducing my responsibilities to just eating, sleeping and hygiene. My assumption had been that with so little to do in a day I would have an incredible amount of free time, no worries and I would never be in a rush.  Well, you know what is said about assumptions… What changed were my outside circumstances, without changing anything else, I was still busy rushing through situations and concerned about getting things accomplished.  I realized that no matter how much I change on the outside, if I do not do the inner work, nothing will truly be different. 
The beautiful thing today, thanks to cylfriday and other outlets of positive practices, is that it only took a few days to realize what I had been lacking. I found that I was not taking time to pause during the day and recognize the beauty around me. I decided it was time to slow down, chew and enjoy my food, consciously breath in the air around me, look around and feel all of the different textures of the world. 
I had become so busy with life that I had forgotten about those simple things.  As I reflect back on this last year I can think of many other times that this occured. A little reminder to pause would have saved a great deal of hurry, worry and indecision.  Life is short and today I choose to not rush through the pages of my days to reach the next big break or score.  I will take time today to enjoy what is beautiful right here and now.  Thank you so very much for joining me this week for a short pause.
Affirmation:  The most amazing and beautiful experience that I have had in my life is THIS ONE RIGHT NOW.  I am so blessed to see the beauty around me.
Call to Action:  Set an alarm on your phone to go off once every hour and take a pause from what you are doing to identify some beauty in the world that you are a part of.  Please share that experience and the beauty with us.

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1 thought on “25. Pause

  1. Today I woke up and read CYLFriday. I took the call to action seriously. I was making breakfast and decided to pause and notice beauty. I noticed it was 8:32 AM so I set my cell phone alarm for 9:32. I got ready for work and as I was about to walk out the door I offered to take out the trash. My roommate said “Hold on” as they walked off “I have trash in my bedroom.” At that very moment I started to think “Do they know who they are dealing with? I am in a…” Right at that moment my phone alarm went off. My initial reaction was to get even more frustrated. Luckily due to practice I was able to take a deep breath and pause. I noticed a beautiful turquoise roadrunner hung next to the washer I had never appreciated before. This brought a huge smile to my face, love in my heart and gratitude for the Change Your Life Friday Crew. Keep up the good work.

    Pausing every hour

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