22. Journey

“Do work son!”  -Rob and Big

When we started CYLFriday our goal was to help inspire and challenge our community to be bold and brave, using actions to make positive change.  I can say that our lives have changed, and I hope that it has inspired others. The crew that started this journey together have truly bought in, all in, and allowed our lives to change in ways we could not have predicted. 

At 10:45 this evening I will leave the comfortable life I have become accustomed to over the last 7 years in Phoenix. I hit the road to see what else the world has to offer.  In preparation for my travels I have liquidated my possessions down to two boxes of mementoes, one box of clothes and two bags that will be coming with me on my journey.  I sold my vehicles, bigger electronics, my kitchenware and furniture; I also gave away many things to the people that have been a big part of my life in Arizona.  My plan with this journey was to change my life and report on the change throughout the journey. What I have found is that the lessons and growth have already started before I have landed at my first destination.

I have gained insight into my “needs” and soon after acquiring these alleged needs they end up not serving me.  I have been reminded how smooth everything flows when I am acting rightly and trusting my inner truth.  I have been full of gratitude for all of the amazing people that have helped mold me into the person that I am today. That man is someone who is willing to take a big chance and make a big change.  I have also been blessed with a great reason to examine the steps which brought me to this point of willingness to follow my dreams. The Universe has given me a call to action and thanks to the practice that I have made over the past several months, following the calls have seemed natural, effortless and fearless.  Having learned so much in such a short time inspires me to work harder and trust more. I am blessed with results that are beyond my wildest dreams. 

I think it is so fiting that this life changing journey departs from my current comforts on a friday. I will proudly be wearing my CYLFriday t-shirt on the plane.

Affirmation: I follow my intuition with great trust. I am guided and protected during every step of the amazing journey the Universe has for me.

Call to Action: Determine a change that you have been avoiding. Take a step in working towards that change today. If you are currently going through a change share how the evolution of that change has opened your eyes to some insight. Please share anything that calls you to in the comments.

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8 thoughts on “22. Journey

  1. Chris,
    It was really nice to meet you, because when I met you you really looked at me and talked to me. And you listened to what I was saying. It was that simple, and that’s what I appreciated about you. I really am looking forward to your journey because I am about to go through some changes as well. I wish you were not leaving so soon because I barely got to spend time with you. Can’t wait to hear about your adventure. Be extremely well. 🙂


  2. Today’s affirmation is very fitting for my life today. I avoid change and have grown very comfortable in my routine that I have created. This is a good reminder to go beyond my comfort level, embark on a journey, and do something new. I love the positivity. Any day is a good day to change your life but what better day than Friday. Boom!

    • David,

      Thank you for sharing how you have grown comfortable in your current routine. We love your support and here is to another Friday to ride the momentum to greatness. BOOM!

      Change Your Life Friday crew

  3. Congratulations and the best of thoughts and energy! changeyourlifeFriday has become an important part in my life….has helped me become more introspective and to step aside and allow the “good” stuff to roll in…..Bon voyage!

  4. Chris,
    I am sad that we didn’t send you off with a proper farewell from your brothers and sisters in the Course group. You have been a gift and an inspiration to us all (I know that no one will mind if I assume the role of spokesperson). Never forget that you are not embarking on this new adventure alone – HS is with you. Please stay in touch and keep us updated.

    This year has been one of change for me also. I am gaining clarity every day about who I am and what I am here to do. Honestly, I thought I knew; but the ‘work’ is never done. I continue to be grateful for the spiritual path and being both teacher and student. Peace, joy & love, Karen

    • Karen,

      As a spokesperson for Chris, he will miss you all in the Course group. Thank you for sharing your change and the adventure you have been on the first half of this great year.

      Have a great day,
      CYLFriday crew

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