6. Enthusiasm

“Enthusiasm is contagious. Not having enthusiasm is also contagious.” –Fortune Cookie

I think I figured it out, life that is.  It is pretty simple too. Step 1: Get up and get excited for the chance to be alive and breathing.  Step 2: Spread that feeling of excitement and enthusiasm to everyone you meet.  Step 3:  Accept that feeling back with the same joy that you gave it.  Step 4: Repeat.

Human emotion is more vigorously contagious than anything else in the cosmos, you see a baby smile, you smile. You walk into a room full of angry people and you are disturbed.  It happens instantaneously without thought or action.  For that reason a little bit of excitement for life will go a long way, also a total lack of interest will carry the same wave throughout your experience.

I am excited to be alive today.  Instead of just saying this or writing it on the Internet for all to see I need to go spread that feeling to all the people that I come in contact with today.  It is Friday, get pumped up, get excited, live a little, not just for You but for Us.

Affirmation: I accept and love that I am connected to everyone. Today I embrace this connection and enthusiastically spread joy and excitement to everyone I meet.

Call to Action: Determine one thing in your life that you engage with apathy. Let someone know what part of your life this is, and for one week bring enthusiasm to this area of your life. Let us know what  you will be changing in the comment section.

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10 thoughts on “6. Enthusiasm

  1. So grateful for this topic this week! Smiles just like bad moods really are contagious, and I’m ready to smile for all the world to see! From past experience I have learned that I’m REALLY good at bringing people down with me, in all situations. (mostly bad) due to my attitude and emotions. Cant wait to use my powers for good this week and express more enthusiasm! Changing my life one friday at a time!

  2. The hardest part of being enthusiastic is making the choice to do so. But without a doubt, choosing enthusiasm and happiness over negativity or even mediocrity pays huge dividends. We are contagious. Great post.

  3. I recognized immediately where I am not showing up with enthusiasm. I have a temp job that is almost mindless. Next week, I am going to bring my whole self to work and be enthusiastic. Thanks for the reminder that I can do it differently.

  4. I would like to think I’m a pretty enthusiastic person – I think that I’m less so when it comes to my meals – I eat without thinking and sometimes without the gratitude and enthusiasm I should.

    For this week I choose to be mindful and enthusiastic as I feed my physical body!!!!

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