2. Luck

“In the long run, you make your own luck – good, bad, or indifferent.” – Loretta Lynn

It is the 2nd Friday in January, the 2nd Friday of 2012, Friday the 13th. For some in our world and culture, Friday the 13th is a day that brings bad luck and a fearful mindset. As the quote above says I think we can create our own luck, good bad or indifferent.

I talked with my grandfather yesterday about luck.  He told me, “I have been lucky to be a lucky man.”  I asked him if that has always been the case, he paused for a second and said, “YES.”  He then shared a story with me about how his luck would play out; he always carried a silver dollar in his pocket and when he was faced with a decision that could seemingly take time out of the day he would flip that coin. Never second-guessing the choice that was made for him, he would trust in the idea that he was a lucky man and the right outcome would present itself.

He has always believed that he was a lucky man so he trusted luck would come his way.  That belief became a mindset, which resulted in a way of being.  What his story didn’t tell me was how proactive he was in all of his endeavors; as a result he was constantly making his own luck.

I always have a choice, I can be as prepared as possible and believe I am lucky, accepting all good things that come or I can pout about how unlucky I am and see how that works out.  Today I know that I am a lucky man.

Affirmation: I take responsibility for making my own luck, I am prepared to share the gifts that come my way, I am lucky!

Call To Action: Today recognize an area of your life where good luck is present. Share a story about how lucky you are today and listen to a story where someone else is lucky. Pass on your luck in the comment section.

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18 thoughts on “2. Luck

  1. Today I know that I make my life – and it’s all good!
    Thank you for getting my weekend started – what a lucky woman I am……


  2. I met with a friend last night and she asked me how I was feeling. I told her that I was actually really content and surprisingly not worried. I explained that I had a bunch of “big stuff” coming up. I’m in the process of buying a house, interviewing for a career change and have some important deadlines at my current position. I may not get approved for the loan on the house, I may not get the new job and deadlines always come and go. The neat thing is, today I know that God has a plan for me. What’s even better…I am able to TRUST that plan today. I am very lucky in the fact that God always takes care of me and loves me no matter what.

    • Megs,

      Congrats on all the “big stuff” headed your way. I think the more important thing I would like to congratulate you on is on lucky you are that you know there is a Power that “always takes care of [you] and loves me no matter what.”

      -Change Your Life Friday

  3. I am lucky! I will be down at a tradeshow peddling mt wares today, I am feeling lucky already. My booth is outside and there is not a cloud in the beautiful Phoenix sky. It is 60 degrees already, to me that sounds like a winner.
    I plan on bringing luck into my conversations with the attendees and I am certainly looking forward to hearing some luck filled stories.
    I have a silver dollar in hand, feeling lucky.
    Thank you life!

  4. I have found when I put my best foot forward and persue something that I want wholehartedly, I always get it. I had a meeting today with an organization that is considering me for a scholarship, to pay for my education. I find out monday. I also just recently found out a music video I worked on is getting played on TV in Los Angeles and made it to #1 on KCAL. I am feeling very optomistic for the rest of the day!

  5. My first thought was, “I feel so incredibly blessed in my life it’s going to be difficult to choose just one thing.” so the. I concluded that I am generally a very lucky person. However, I knew there was so much more I could learn from this exercise, so I dug deeper. I then recognized the luck I have in mewing people who positively impact my life. I am also lucky to have the gift of intuition and the ability to act on it in order to foster these amazing relationships in my life. So I took it upon myself to tell 4 of the top amazing people in my life about my new awareness and how grateful I am for their presence in my life. I then asked each of them in what way they felt they were lucky. Each conversation blossomed into a powerful and positive experience, for all of which I am grateful. Wonderful topic. Thank you for touching my life today :).

    • Karen,

      Thank you for digging deeper, and looking for those places in your life that you can have four amazing conversations. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall just to listen and feel the love that was shared in that moment.

      -Change Your Life Friday

  6. I have been extremely lucky over the past year in meeting great people that have propelled my career forward! People who are willing to invest time in me and who have hired me in the past and continue to do so for gigs. I haven’t worked an hourly job in almost a year and every time I wished I had a regular job, because I was about to fall behind on bills, something always came up! A new gig would find me and they still do! You can call it luck, but it’s just how I think; I know that things will always be ok in the long run. Be excellent and you will find other excellent people to join you in life! Now I gotta try this coin flip thing!

  7. I love how this post doesn’t portray luck as something one person has and another doesn’t. It’s not something you’re born with or without, even though we like to think that way when we aren’t happy. But really, we create and define our own luck by the choices we make. I have found that if I remain positive and optimistic even when I’m not getting what I think I want, an even better opportunity presents itself. I’ve learned to stay open-minded and to trust my gut, which allows me to recognize those new opportunities and to not be afraid to act on them. I trust that things will always work out for the best, and for that, I am so grateful. Most of all, I feel incredibly lucky for all the amazing people that my choices in life have led me to.

  8. Thank you guys for this website, I can see big things coming from it. Its amazing for me to look back on the last three months and what I have done with my life (or stopped doing). Especially the last two weeks since school started back up, I have truly FELT this “new power flow in”, and am inspired in most areas of my life. I just got back from a twenty minute run after jumping rope for eighteen minutes, plus school, and work for the day. Its one am and I feel like I can still do so much more.
    I also really liked the grandpa story, it reminded me of times in my life where I have flipped a coin to decide something (often I would keep going until I got the answer I wanted).
    I consider myself lucky (blessed, graced with, whatever you want to call it) for the people in my life. My family, friends, co-workers have all played a huge part in my life. Sometimes I can get in a self pity state of loneliness, but its times like this that I fully realize how lucky I am to have people in my life. I am certain that I am exactly where I need to be, right this second. An influential man in my life has told me that many times.

    • Keith,

      Thank you for your heartfelt words. It is an honor to have you share your experience here. Keep flipping that coin and living life full out until you get that answer you are looking for.

      -Change Your Life Friday

  9. I love the post and this topic!
    It has prompted reflection, and an honest look back ,over the last six month while I have struggled with health issues., and allowed worry, and fear to dominate my thoughts.
    I have had great luck.
    I totaled my car last summer but not my body or my mind or my spirits.
    My sister had a stroke twenty-one years ago that left her paralyzed on her left side. Her life has been a real struggle if, I compare her to myself.
    I do not need a wheelchair like my younger sister does, nor do I required assistance with personal hygiene like my sister does.
    I can read with my eyes and type with my fingers, while I listen to the sweet sound of nesting birds in our yard, enjoying the scents of the desert…
    I know I am lucky!

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