13. Change Your Life Friday


Change Your Life Friday has been a blog for over 2 years, and it has been a term amongst friends for about two and a half years. However; I had my first CYLFriday event 6 years ago today. In happened on March 28th, 2008, which just happened to land on a Friday.

The night before I had run out of options to a problem in my life and felt hopeless. I was able to seek out a group of people who had an answer to my problem. My problem did not go away over night, it took some tough work and soul-searching, but I have not had to allow my problem to run my life anymore since that day.

My life has been nothing but a blessing over the last six years. It has not all been easy, and there have been plenty of times when I had to do things that I did NOT want to do, but did it anyways because I had seen other successful people do it. In the last 6 years I have been able to help family, graduate from college, pass on the solution to the problem that was given to me, and land a dream job.

There have been plenty of low spots during that same time period. Loss of relationships, death, hard times with family, and general fear just to name a few. I did not let these things distract me from the solution to my problem, or principles I continue to try and live by. It has not been perfect, and there is still a lot of growth ahead, but I am grateful for that specific Friday, and every other Friday that has added to my life.

Affirmation: This Friday is perfect just the way it is. I take my life as it is, and if there is change needed, I know that change is possible.

Call to Action: How has Change Your Life Friday motivated, and changed your life? If this is your first time visiting the site, where has a big change come in your life? Please share your story with the CYLF community in the comments section.



ImageI was recently working at a place that paid well, but it wasn’t what I loved, nor what I wanted to do. The money was steady, work was consistent, and the benefits were there. What I really want to do with my life is inconsistent, freelance, and no benefits. You can see the dilemma. In the past month few weeks I passed up three amazing opportunities doing what I wanted to do because of my commitment to the place that gave me a regular paycheck. I realized it was time to make a move. I had nothing lined up, but I knew that I needed to leave my job to pursue the career I was working towards.  I put in my two weeks notice and I started to worry about the future. I spoke with some friends and colleagues of my fear of the unknown as the days counted down. I wondered if I could take back my two weeks notice and stay, feeling that I wasn’t ready yet. My heart told me to be brave and I stuck it out.


On my last day of work I confirmed my first two freelance jobs.  I had an amazing opportunity to work with some of my colleagues who also work freelance and stay very busy. This was all the reassurance that I needed. I knew that I made the right choice. My future is uncertain and I know I need to be careful with what little money I saved, but I am optimistic. I took the leap of faith and hopefully this time next year I will report that it has been working well for me.


Affirmation: My dreams can be my reality if I work for them.


Call to Action: Is there anything holding you back today from something you wanted to do? Please share with us you dream, or how you plan to achieve your dream.

11. Saying Yes

“Choose your own path.” – Fortune Cookie paper found on a chair in the Houston airport

A few days ago, I finished reading “Yes Man.” The story’s premise is the Theory of Yes; seizing opportunities that present themselves that we might otherwise ignore. At the beginning of the book, the author asks the reader to keep a list of all of the things they could have said yes to, but chose otherwise, while reading.

It didn’t take me long to complete the book, but my list was longer than expected when I finished. In the beginning, it took quite a bit of careful thought to discover opportunities I had missed; I simply didn’t recognize them right away. After awhile, it started to affect my thought patterns: I didn’t want to say yes to everything, but maybe I should start by considering saying yes more. And not just to little things, but to more important things.

Let’s just say, this is going to be a work in progress. But what’s the harm coming out on the other end having been more open to what the world has has to offer?

Affirmation: I will let go of quick responses and make thoughtful choices about the perfect path I choose to take.

Call to Action: In the coming week, strive to be more open to opportunities the world has to offer. Please share about those adventures, because who knows what will happen…

10. Truth

“Truth is by nature self-evident.  As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear.” – Mahatma Gandhi

I have been spending time contemplating my life lately, During this process it has become clear to me how many lies about my life and the world around me I have put faith in.  As a result I decided to take some time to determine what my Truth is today.  I have been looking at this opportunity like some sort of cleaning, where I can recognize my false beliefs and cast them out while I firmly identify what my core truths are.

I think that I am not alone in saying that there is room for improvement in this area.  As I go throughout my days I constantly come in contact with people who are obviously stuck in a delusion that this life that we get to live is not a gift.  I think That is my first Truth, This life is a gift, I am so blessed to be present in this moment and feel how incredible it is to be alive.

My second firm truth is that this life is what I make of it.  If I believe it is a gift then I should treat it as such.  I realize that like most gifts at times it may lose its shine and appeal but usually I can find a way to actively spiff it up.  All to often I get in the mindset that I am stuck in a position because of outside circumstances but in this moment I know that is just a false belief.

Affirmation: Today I stand firmly for what is True, as my life actually is.

Call To Action: Take some time to clear out some false beliefs so that you can stand more firmly on what is actually true. Please share some of your Truths with the CLYF nation.