50 Shades of Green

If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.

– Gail Sheehy

I moved to the east coast, from the southwest, just over two months ago. One thing that I stay in awe of is just how green it is here. I have lived in very green places before, but I have never appreciated how many shades of green there truly are. This past week I have really made it a point to notice all the variants while walking my dog.

As summer unfolds, I am excited about spending time outside. I can find ways to connect with nature, and be in the midst of the river of Life. When I make these connections it allows my perspective to be of joy and optimism. That is what I want my life to look like as I am in the middle of it. Joy. Optimism. In the lush world, plants can remind me of this simple idea.

Green can mean many different things, for some money, others envy, but for me green is life. Not only the life I have lived, but the life I am living today. How am I contributing today? What areas am I afraid to change? Where am I growing?

Affirmation Living life is what I am here to do. I use the world around me to remind me of my truth.

Call to Action Look at the last 3 questions at the end of this post. Can you honestly answer each one? Green is for me, but what will you use today to remind you to live? Please share with the CYLF family below.

23. Effort

“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking potential.” – Winston Churchill

For me, today, it is all about putting in the work!  I learned an amazing lesson when I was out on a job site with my father when I was a young kid.  My father had several employees over the years for his brick laying company one of which was a man named Bill.  Bill was not the strongest or the smartest man that ever worked for my father but he was always on time in the morning, was willing to stay late and always kept moving even if it was not that fast.  He would make mistakes and complete tasks slowly but my father never gave him any grief.   One day I asked my dad why he didn’t fire Bill due to lack of production, he said “how could I fire Bill, he is the best employee I have.”  My father could see the confusion I had on my face so he started to explain something that I could not understand for many years to come.

What my father tried to teach me that day was that Bill was the best employee he had becasue Bill gave everything he had to the company even though everything he had did not measure up to many of the other men that worked for him.  Bill’s potential in his role for my fathers company was not the greatest but he was reaching it everyday that he showed up.  It was explained to me at that time that if any of the other men put in the effort that Bill did with what he had, they would all be masters at their craft in no time.

So I ask myself today, am I putting fourth the most amount of effort possible to all aspects of my life?   When I answer that honestly I have to say no.  I am ok with that because it is honest and it allows me to see the places in my life that I can work harder at to achieve my potential.  It also allows me to take responsibility for the things that I fall short with, learn a lessen as a result and refocus my effort the next time.



Affirmation:  I am the responsible for achieving my potential and today I will put forth the effort to reach it.

Call to Action: Take an honest look at the thing in your life that you are not satisfied with and ask your self am I putting forth all the effort needed.  If not allow this CYLFriday to be the day that you do and please share with us your results.

22. Laughter

“Have you made anyone laugh today?” – Hand written note on Steve Sabol’s desk.

I had the amazing chance to catch up with some friends in New York City this past weekend. It was great to see people I had not seen in a couple years. One lunch in particular reminded me how rewarding a great conversation is, and more importantly how worthwhile a good laugh is. It was great sharing laughs, deep and meaningful belly laughs, and it was great watching my friend laugh the same way. At one point we could not even walk down the street because we were in stitches.

In my life laughing has been a huge part of it. Comedies are my favorite kind or movies, telling funny stories to pass the time in dull situations, and trying to make people laugh while keeping a straight face are all ways that I have incorporated laughter into my life. One of the things that brought all of us here at CYLF together, when we first met, was our sense of humor. Sharing a laugh is the glue that holds friendship together and allows us to walk through tough times.
How has laughter enriched your life? How do you and your friends share good times?


Affirmation:  Laughter is the song of the Universe, today I choose to sing along.

Call to Action:Share with the CYLFriday community who you made laugh today.

Practice makes perfect!


 Last night, I went to a screening for a movie that comes out next week. The film’s director was there for a Q&A wrapping up his press tour. He relayed a piece of advice that he received, which was to not rest on your laurels. In the context that he received, it meant he should keep directing projects all of the time and that is what led to his success as a filmmaker. As well as leading to his future success. It makes sense that for a creative endeavor people need to practice to achieve success. Just like athletes’ need to practice hitting off a tee or shooting free throws.


I find in my own life, in my own hobbies and desires, the things I would like to do, the things I believe are my passions get neglected. I know that more time needs to be dedicated to pursuing and practicing my own creative endeavors. This Friday I will spend some time and start to create good creative habits.


Affirmation: I can live the life of my dreams; the only thing stopping me is myself.


Call to Action: Set some time aside today to devote to your old hobby. Share what it is with us below or post it on Facebook.