Start the conversation



I volunteer for a non-profit that really makes a difference in my community. I receive perks from this non-profit that make it worth my while, so don’t let me come off like some sort of saint, cause I’m not. I have a job that helps the overall organization in community awareness and fundraising. However my co-workers are out in the streets impacting kids, parents, and teachers on a daily basis in a positive way.


I was at a monthly meeting earlier tonight and my co-workers all shared around the room about stuff that happened in that last couple of weeks. The time they commit to reach out to these students is so worth it. These kids speak up about personal problems and get brought to the professionals (counselors, teachers). These kids may have feared speaking up before my co-workers inspired them to get the help they need. When a young person is afraid to talk to their parents or teachers about something they are going through, it’s because they are afraid of what reaction they might get. The simple act of sharing personal stories and taking the time to listen to the kids is all it takes to make that difference.


Kids aren’t the only ones afraid to talk about what’s really going on. Take the time to talk to your friends, co-workers, children, and siblings. Anyone you come in contact with may be desperate to have a sounding board, and all they need is your ear for a few moments. Make that difference. Start that conversation.


Affirmation: One person can make a difference. I can be that difference.


Call to action: Talk to at least one person today, young or old, and take the time to listen to them. Maybe you can make a difference in their life. Maybe they can make a difference in yours.


15. Always Open

“Status will get you nowhere.  Only an open heart will allow you to float equally between everyone.” – Mitch Albom

Yesterday is was going about my day as usual.   I stop at several houses and do sales presentations for people who are looking to do upgrades at their homes.  It was a very full day so my focus was to make all of my appointments and to keep good time.  I do my best to be present so that I can offer all the answers to each clients questions and to build rapport for all current and futrue business.

Towards the end of my day I was at a home with a client and we were discussing some of her concerns about a service that we had provided.  Throughout the conversation I could tell that there was something else much heavier on her mind.  In that moment I switched out of business mode and looked at her asking, “is everything alright?”  I am not sure if I was expecting just a stock answer but what I got was some real honesty.  This woman was going through what she considers to be the toughest time of her life and that it is getting to hard to handle.  I have learned over the years in my own life how important it is to have someone just hear you out so I listened and stayed very present for her.

As the conversation continued I asked her questions to try and help her see some of the amazing blessings that were very apparent to me, an outside observer.  I kept engaged in the conversation and my drive to stay on schedule and keep the day moving passed me by because I was being called  to serve my fellow man.  This type of circumstance comes my way every so often and if I am too stuck in worrying about myself I may never be able to get to be a part of such amazing human interactions.  By the time we finished our conversation I could tell that some of her weight was lifted and for that I m so thankful, I am also so grateful that I have developed the ability to know when and where I can be of service.

Affirmation: Today I will keep my eyes and my heart open to see and feel where I can be of service to the world around me.

Call To Action: Are you often so concerned with yourself that you don’t realize the struggles of the people around you?  I know I am.  Knowing that I am, I believe is the first step to growing past it.  Take some time today to be a little more conscious of how you are controlled by self.  In my experience, the best way of getting past damaging selfishness is to do selfless acts, so go on out in the world and give freely of you time and talents, let me know if the payment is greater than the effort.

15. Tolerance

“What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity.  We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other’s folly – that is the first law of nature.” – Voltaire

I was having a discussion earlier today with a great friend of mine about relationships.  Through the course of our talk we were trying to find some basic solutions to deal with people who are going through issues in their own lives that can at times seem bothersome.  As usual lots of questions were asked and counter points brought up in an attempt to not just complain about peoples actions but to grow in effectiveness and understanding.

By the end of the discussion we were focused in on the principe of tolerance.  It seems that when I focus on what is “wrong” with someone I end up defining them by that trait that is bothering me at the time.  Now I am not  a person that reacts or tries to correct someones actions but there is no question that my treatment of some people shows a lack of tolerance on my part.

There is work that can be done on my part to make more of my relationships greater than they currently are in this moment.  Keeping Voltaire’s thoughts at the forefront of my personal interactions is one step in that direction.  If I am judging someone else’s actions, attitude or demeanor; I am in part making myself a moral authority which personally I can not claim.  I am imperfect and have my flaws just like the rest of the world and if they can tolerate me, who am I to ever be intolerant of them?

Affirmation: Today I will play my role in this world and allow the universe to be the judge on humanities imperfections.

Call To Action: Did a name, place or thing pop in to your head when you read todays topic?  If so you may have been harboring some similar feelings as I was.  Make it a point today to be present for the world around you and catch yourself when you are overcome with feelings of intolerance.  Remember if we were not all so unique this would not be nearly as beautiful of a world to live in.

14. Anything is possible


I was talking with one of my mentors yesterday he mentioned his disbelief in the impossible. He went on to say how he had accomplished so much in his life that everyone told him was impossible. Seeing the doubt in my face he told the story of moving to Los Angeles with only sixty dollars to his name and a year later he was a regularly seen on television as an actor. I would have to agree in the thought that nothing is impossible.


Growing up I always heard my parents tell me that I could be anything that I wanted. Unfortunately all of my goals were short lived. I never put full effort into anything and I frequently changed my mind as to what I wanted to do. Now I realize that if I put in the maximum effort, keep an open mind and heart, I can do anything I want. As I chase my new dream career, doors open in the right direction every week if not every day. I make choices that alter my future and I am always moving forward.


I have to say anything is possible. If you have a dream you can live it, all you have to do is give it everything you got. I admit not all the time do I give it everything I got but I put a damned good effort on it. I fall short and slack off but I keep my goals in sight and keep marching on with my best foot forward. Listen to positivity and prove the naysayers wrong!


Affirmation: I am the creator of my own destiny. I can have the life beyond my wildest dreams.


Call to action: What are you doing to chase your dreams? What areas of your life are unnecessary and actually detour you from your dreams?