“…by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise.  The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”                                                                    

-Sylvia Plath


Over the past few years one of my friends and I have talked about creating a movie script.  Every once in a while we would bring it up and make comments about different ideas for scenes, characters, topics or themes. This talk and banter has always been fun, but until this week it had not gone much further than that.  In truth, I never really took it much further than the idea, since I had no experience in the script writing or movie- making realm.  


On Wednesday, my friend called me and asked if I was ready to sit down and start writing that script.  Out of the habit to saying yes to life I said, “absolutely, meet me in an hour!” Before that self-doubting part of my brain could kick in, tell me I didn’t have the skills, or the experience to try something new involving creativity, he showed up.  I am so grateful for my cultivated reaction to say yes today.


When my friend arrived to my house I was committed and all in.  We sat down and began talking and writing, making notes, dreaming and brainstorming.  The result to the effort was the birth of creativity.  Two open minds came together and worked towards one common goal and inspiration happened.  The experience was so positive and exciting that we sat down again, with an even bigger group of people, the next day and made more progress and created even more.  What I see today is just another reminder that all of the creative thoughts that I have are always just a little effort away and they are so exciting to tap into.  


Affirmation:  I am a creative and intelligent being, and in this moment I am inspired to cultivate new thoughts and experiences!


Call to action:  Please take some time today to flex your creative muscle. Write a poem, a story, or an experience on paper.  Or reach out to a friend that you have been talking about a project with sit down together and figure out what it will take. Share your experience with us so that we can all grow together.  Lets change our lives again this Friday!!!

29. Experience

“What one has not experienced, one will never understand in print.” – Isadora Duncan

Last weekend at a resort in Phoenix Arizona several thousand people gathered together to celebrate their lives and inspire the lives of others.  I was blessed to be a part of the planning and culmination of this event and could not be more proud of the results that were apparent throughout and after the weekend had passed.  Part of my job in putting this event together was to get the word out to people so they would not miss out on the experience of being a part of something so big and beautiful.  I recognized I can share a concept and an idea, I can do it with love and enthusiasm, but a concept will never have as much weight as an experience.

My life today is so much different than when I was younger, thanks to some very vivid experiences I have been graced with.  These experiences gave me the ability to see how my choices were giving me a life I no longer wanted.  When I look at my life in reverse, all of the great changes have taken place came as a result of some experience that opened a window of willingness to take action for a change.  I often see people who are begging and pleading for a change and I do my best to tell them how the changes in my life have taken place. Sometimes, I feel so strongly about these things that I want to scream at the top of my lungs to help inspire someone but then, like this weekend, I am reminded if the words could help someone change then no one would have issues or problems.

I know today, life is what I make of it and the best I can do is help others get out in the world to have their own experiences.  My life happens out in the world and the only way I can capitalize on that is by becoming a part of it as much as I can.  The world is waiting for all of us when we step away from this page.  With a little bit of action maybe this will be the Friday that you truly change your life.

Affirmation: A good life is not just a concept; today I will take the action to make it my actual experience.

Call to Action: This is the juice as my friend would say.  Every week we share an idea that can inspire change.  What this week calls for is going out and being that change and sharing with us the results.  I know what my next step is and today I am going to choose to take it, the result will be an experience that I can build on to.  The world is waiting for you.


“Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is.” – Thomas Szasz

Six years ago, I was moving out west to go to school after spending time in the military.  As I was walking on campus a great sense of peace and calm came over me, and for the first time I felt I was exactly where I needed to be and doing exactly what I needed to be doing.  It was an odd experience because it was not until after my life started changing that I could recognize what that feeling was, serenity. Since that day nearly six years ago, I continue to have these serine experiences. They become deeper and more frequent.

This week I was able to make a pilgrimage back to where I first felt those unknown feelings of serenity, and the feeling of being in exactly the right place at exactly the right time came right back. I was able to reconnect with old friends. I was able to bring new friends to the places where I learned about serenity, with hope that they may have a similar experience.

During these great feelings of serenity and peace, I have been able to have some of my most profound life experiences and thoughts. What in your life brings you serenity? How can you harness this feeling in order to enrich your life? Who else in my life could benefit from this feeling and how can I share it with them?  When I get away from this feeling, I try to shake up something about my life in order to see what is perhaps not working and helping me achieve similar things I have in the past.

Affirmation: Serenity is my truth. I know peace and serenity every step of my day.

Call to Action: Look for a time during your day when that sense of peace enters your heart. If that feeling of being in the right place at the right time shows up, harness that and use it to enrich your life. Please share with the CYLFriday community an example of this in your life today or in the past. 

27. Inner Love

Thank you to another guest writer for the great post today.

“Self-love is the instrument of our preservation.”  ~Voltaire

All of my life I have believed that I cared greatly for the ones I loved. More so than for myself, I have always given my brothers and sisters my toys and other things as we grew up. I would create situations that I thought would bring happiness to them and knew they would love me. I would take strides of great effort to be who I thought my love ones saw me as. I would meet new people and do the same, trying to win the approval as many people as I could so I would feel like my life were valid. I was looking for love to fill me up, for a very long time. While I did not know that was the case, I judged the world with eyes of sick perception. Everyone was not giving me what I needed. I tried so hard to give it to them

You see almost two and a half years ago I had finally gone emotionally bankrupt. Love for me only came in a tear or two, when I would think of my daughter and my failure as a father. I had looked everywhere for love, and never found what I believed to be true love. I must remind you, back then in this moment I did not know this truth. I just thought life was unfair, that I was victim of chance. . I saw me giving, and them taking, that was my perception on most of my relationships. Hidden underneath that perception was the truth that I see today. I was trying to take from them something I didn’t have, love.

In recent weeks I have come to realize the truth of myself, and the difference between love and hate, all of it begins within me. See whether it is stemming from my childhood or my drive for perfection I am a natural self-hater. I am in most situations never good enough, in my mind through my layers of consciousness, that thought becomes true. I do become what I believe myself to be. If a never measure up, if no one loves me enough, if I say to myself, “you are ugly, you are not strong enough, you are not fast enough, you are not smart enough. “ That becomes who I am. These things are a sure sign of an emotional sickness of self-hate. Therefore I know see, It is self-love that is the answer. It strikes me right down my spine. All the love I need, all that I can ever give, comes from within myself. I am smart, I am good looking, I am fast, I am strong, I am beautiful! Once I finally saw this, I started to become… loved.

Affirmation: I have all the love in the world and that love is an inner Love. I am dependent on love and love myself independently. Thank You Life.

Call to action: Take notice throughout the day how often you put yourself down. If you notice a moment you are downing yourself. Say the opposite. Ex. “I’m just not meant to be physically fit” instead say” I am physically fit, and I will be fit, soon.” You probably won’t believe these things you say to yourself at first. Be vigilant. You will start to believe, and will become what you believe… then you will know love.