“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” –Gandhi

Due to the traumatic events of my childhood, I learned at a very young age how to bottle up all of my feelings and move on. Today, at 27 years old, I am learning to feel again. Oh, what an experience it truly is! Between the uncontrollable spells of tears and rage, an incredible outpouring of real, true love is beginning to show its face.   As the overwhelming emotions begin to settle themselves and become regulated, I find I am blessed to know what it is like to really feel.

As this new influx of emotions had begun to occur, I couldn’t help but look at the events of my past and get angry. I felt cheated. I felt wronged. I wanted to stand atop a mountain and scream to the world about how I had been dealt a raw deal. Then, I landed back on Earth. Anger turned to depression. This is where I became the victim, and what a terrible thing to be. My relationships quickly became hostage situations. I was confronted and rescued by my support group who presented me with the only thing that could salvage my situation; action.

Regardless of where I come from or the situations that have taken place in my life, I must realize that it is only my actions that can lead me to freedom and happiness. My anger towards others and anything that has taken place can only bring more pain. I must learn to forgive before I can be free. Most of all, I must learn to forgive myself. It is only by forgiveness that the pain can be released. My resentment will not bring me any peace.

I know I’m not perfect in the end

Your broken heart, I’ve tried to mend

Instead I made you hurt and cry

Maybe I should say goodbye

Would it be better for me to go?

I asked you, and you said “No.”

Why say no when I hurt you so bad

Because if I left, then you’d be sad

You forgive me because you care so much

Your feelings for me are not a crutch

You say you love me to the moon and back

And you held me close, never made an attack

Now I know what true love is

Unbreakable, unconditional, splendid bliss



Affirmation: Today I am forgiven. Today I am at peace. Today I am able to love unconditionally.

Call to Action: Where in your life are you holding onto anger and resentment too tightly? What good is this doing you? Let go of your anger and your fears. Forgive. Give yourself some peace and walk into the bright sunlight of freedom and see what your resentment has been keeping from you. Be kind, be gentle, and see the good in everyone. It’s there somewhere. 



We would like to thank the many contributors leading up to this guest post and in advance for all of our other guest writers that are thinking about it and will keep posting.

21. Intuition

“Cease trying to work everything out with your minds.  It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be revelation.”  – Eileen Caddy

I just recently moved in to a new place. The idea behind this place is for people to come together, live in community, and develop a rhythm of life through prayer, mediation, and service. It is an interesting and new endeavor for me, and sometimes I am baffled that this is something that I would be interested in doing.

This past Sunday we had a house blessing, and many people were invited from throughout the community. The days leading up to the event I sent some e-mails, talked to people inviting them to the Sunday event, and so did other people that are involved with this project. When the hour arrived for people to start showing up I was amazed and overwhelmed by the number of people that showed. There have only been a handful of times where I felt as supported as I did on Sunday. It reminded me when I follow that intuition in my stomach amazing things happen.

About 14 months ago I made the decision to move back to my hometown, something I was “never” going to do. I came to help family and decide what my next move was to be. I am basically writing this on my anniversary of moving back. I am now locked in to a unique and fascinating thing for a year, and I have the most amazing anxiety, openness, and hope to what the next year might bring.

Today as you walk through your life and your intuition is telling you something, or you are headed down a path that logically seems a bit unheard of, try to remember that we have something deep within our being that is guiding us for the greater good. The people that truly love you will understand and respect this outlook to life. Follow your heart and take in others suggestions, but always remember that when your head hits the pillow at night you only have one person to answer to, and that is yourself.

Affirmation: In this moment I am guided and directed towards who and what I should be.

Call to Action:  Is there something that you feel is right in your life that you are too scared to follow?  I know when I stop trying to figure it out and follow the simple steps in front of me the results are always better than my mind can fathom.  Share your blocks and experiences with us, help us all grow.


20. Rewards

“Before the reward there must be labor.  You plant before you harvest.  You sow in tears before you reap joy.”  – Ralph Ransom

Last weekend I was able to take an amazing trip to one of the most beautiful places that I have seen in my lifetime. I went on this adventure with one of my lifelong friends and a large group of acquaintances. This place is special for so many reasons, it is off of the beaten path, far away from civilization, lightly traveled and you have to put in work to get to this far off location.

When I first heard of this opportunity I was struck with the fears that come with any new adventure, can I take the time away from my busy life, am I prepared for the struggles that are involved with the journey and will it be worth it.  As with most fears, I put in my end of the work, I did my best to clear the space in my schedule, I adjusted my mindset to allow for a successful trip and I trusted in the people who went before me to believe that the journey was worth it.

The reward that I received through the effort I put forth in preparation and effort once I began far exceeded anything I could have planned for.  The location was so incredibly beautiful, there was a true connection to nature and a bond built with the other people who I took the trip with. The work that I put in paid off.

As with most great achievements and gifts that I receive, I try to relate them back to my day-to-day life.  I often find that I am unwilling to prepare and put forth the effort but I always want the reward.  In truth, a lot of the time I can get away with that. This experience showed me something much deeper, there was no way to get the benefit without the work.  The greatest benefit was the feeling of accomplishment for doing something that was so foreign to me.  I think what this means for me is the more I put forth all the effort necessary the sweeter the rewards will be.

Affirmation: In this moment I am so grateful for the chance to see that I truly do reap what I sow.

Call to Action:  Are there any places in your life where you expect an outcome but are not willing to put in the work.  Does it sometimes feel like the rewards you are getting are unwarranted?  Is there a better way and more fulfillment around the corner if you put forth a more honest and concerted effort.  I know there are some places where this is very true for me…how about you?

Reward 1

19. Do What You Love

Do what you love, you will be better at it.  It sounds pretty simple but you’d be surprised how many people don’t get this right away.  -LL Cool J

One night last week I was down at the ballpark enjoying America’s past time.  The home team was winning so I had a smile on my face.  We were sitting in the bleachers and had some hot dogs; not too bad for 20 bucks. At our stadium they have a big 50/50 raffle that I tend to donate to, there are employees of the park that walk around the isles during the game and help sell tickets to raise money for their cause and also for the cause of one lucky winner.  When the man came by this week I knew I recognized him but could not place him right away.  He looked really happy and I realized that’s why I was having trouble placing him. It was an old roommate of mine and the whole time I lived with him he never looked happy. Sure he smiled, he was happy at times, but his overall demeanor was less than thrilled on a regular basis.

I was so taken back with his 180 degree personality shift I wasn’t really sure how to react. When he came back around later on in the game and I told him he looked really good and really happy. He replied, “That’s cause I love this job! I have always wanted to work for a baseball team.” He went on to tell me he wanted to work for another team eventually, but for 162 days a year he works at his dream job. He doesn’t have the position he hopes to have someday but he is very happy to have his entry-level job.

I think about how he looked when I lived with him and how he looked at his new job and at first thought I am amazed. When I took some time to think about what he said and the situation as a whole It really rang true what they say, “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life again.”  I am following my dreams today which was not always the case and I am certainly not yet where I want to be but I have started to take the first steps to my dream, just as my old roommate has.  My truth today is the same as his, I am doing what I always wanted to do and it makes me happy.

Affirmation:  I am now willing to let my fears fall free me so that I can start to be who I always wanted to be.

Call to Action: I think it is very easy to get stuck in a situation that is “good enough” and never take that risk to follow our dreams.  All dreams that are realized start with small steps and commitment to the path that it takes to get there.  I know you have some dreams, maybe today is the day that you take the first step and feel some of the joy that comes with doing what you want.

job love

18. Fall into Place

Vincent-van-Gogh-The-Starry-Night-631“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Four years ago I really started worrying about what I was going to do with the rest of my life. That feeling stayed with me on and off for about three years. One day it dawned on me that all I really needed to do was do the next thing I felt the universe calling me to do. If I stay in that moment, the anxiety of the future disappears. It has taken some time to allow that fear to greatly dissipate, and I am not sure if it will fully disappear, but it is much better now.

This might seem very cliché, and what you hear from a lot of self-help sort of books, or motivational videos. The way I truly know that it is working in my life is because I keep a log of my life. For over two years, I have consistently written about my day. This takes about 15 minutes out of my day. The reward is I can see how little actions I took two years ago, or even just last year, have set me up for the exciting adventures that I am on today.

I continue to do the next right action in my life today. When I am able to do this with a heart full of love, and enthusiasm that is contagious only amazing things happen in my life. These things do not all happen at once, much like what was discussed last week, but amazing things do come.

Affirmation: This amazing life I have today is from the actions of yesterday, and the amazing life that is waiting for me tomorrow can only be set up by what I do today. Thank you life for the guidance to allow life to fall into place.

Call to Action: Please share with the CYLFriday community how small things in your past have added up to big things today. If that is not obvious to you, share what little thing you will do today to make a change in your future.