52. Change

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

Over the course of the last year all sorts of remarkable things have taken place in my life, the lives of my friends and the lives of everyone else who has shared this time together. We are all different from who we were just one short year ago. In this I have seen the beginning of new lives for some and lives come to an end for others, I have seen people move away and others return to places they have been in the past, I have seen people accomplish some amazing goals and other start a path towards new ones. SO in total I have seen a great deal of change in the lives of the people around me. As I look at these changed lives there are some people who have gone out in the world and made these changes happen for themselves and others who sat back while the change happened to them.

When we started this website a year ago, our intention was to help inspire more people to go out and make those changes happen in their life. Through attention, affirmation, and practice we have seen our lives change and we wanted to share that blessing with as many people as we could. I truly believe that those of you who practice any of the weekly ideas have been able to experience similar change.

It is said that change is inevitable and I know that to be true. What I also know is that I can be in complete control of how changes affect me. Through doing this work and this practice over the past year there is no question my life has changed, I am a year older, I have had a host of incredible life experiences and I have grown to value some of the simpler things in life. I am not the same person that helped brainstorm how best to get our message to you. Today I am a man who in the process of trying to change the world around him, changed himself and as a result sees a completely different world through these eyes. Thanks for the change!

Affirmation: Today I am the change I want to see.

Call to Action: There are three days left in this year to become the person that you wanted to be on 1/1/12. What I know about this world is that grand and revolutionary change can happen in an instant if we are willing to put forth the effort, let go of those things that hold us back and take action. If there was one thing that you wanted to do this year that did not start, complete or follow through on, do it today. There is no better time than now to finish this year off perfectly. I know that it is possible, take a chance, and make a change!

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51. Reflection

“It’s the end of the world as we know it.” – R.E.M.

I love writing for CYLFriday, so even with the end of the world at hand, and even with the chance this will be available for less than 24 hours, I feel it is an appropriate task to do at this time.

I am extremely confident that the world is not coming to an end in a death of humanity sense, but I do believe that we are ten days away from the end of another year. As 2012 comes to a close I have started to not only think about the goals and dreams I will strive for in 2013, but I have also been reflecting on the year that has been. Compared to where I was in life just 12 short months ago it does appear that an entire world has come to an end and here we all are.

Keith, the man that originally inspired the phrase Change Your Life Friday, is a college graduate as of Wednesday. If you refer to “The Beginning” section of our site you will read about 4 men. Keith was one of those guys, and he approached us because he was worried about failing multiple classes. What an end!

You may have noticed a couple of weeks when the theme was followed by “We Love You Marco”. He made his transition to the great unknown on April 14th. Prior to that moment I, everyone within the CYLF crew, and countless others had the chance to see many people come from all over the United States to tell this man “I Love You!” What an end!

We here at CYLFriday made a pact amongst the three of us to post every Friday for a year, and we are 1 more post away (fingers crossed the world does not end) from reaching our goal. I will be honest I did not think we would make it out of March, and we are posting in December. Here is to 52 Fridays in 2013. What an end to the beginning. Cheers!

Affirmation: I am so blessed to know that every end is just a beautiful new beginning. 

Call to Action:  What parts of your world have ended this year?

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50. Positivity

“There is a little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference.  The little difference is attitude.  The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.” – W. Clement Stone

Change Your Life Friday started through the inspiration of some words and videos that gave us the perspective to take a look at our lives and also the motivation to take some action to change them.  This week another one of those videos came into my reality.  Having open eyes and an open heart still prove to be some of the greatest bits of my character to this day.

I was watching a documentary about a paraplegic man who was injured during football practice. All of his friends and family kept commenting on how they couldn’t believe how positive he was.  Through his words and actions he would illustrate the futility of complaints and negativity. He was overwhelmingly grateful about the things he could still do, like video games, wheelchair rugby, and the use of his brain.

I have been thinking about this video ever since I watched it. I think about the way my body feels when I’m happy and when I’m grumpy. I know there are thousands of studies on the positive mindset and your well-being but I think my perception trumps it all.  I see how contagious it is when that negative person comes in the room and just ruins the mood.  I also see that it is equally contagious when the bright smiling person comes in and cheers everyone up.  I know for me I feel better when I smile, when I look at the bright side of things, when I live in gratitude.

Affirmation: Today is the perfect day to spread the true joy that I know to be in my heart with the world around me.  Thank you Life!

Call to Action: Think about how you can look at this Friday as a glass half full.

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49. Acceptance

“My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance, and in inverse proportion to my expectations.” – Michael J. Fox

I have a very shocking but true revelation to share with the Change Your Life Friday community. Earlier today I had a situation arise that I was not prepared for, did not expect and I did not like the outcome. I know it is hard to believe; something did not go “my way.” Maybe that is not so shocking of a revelation but it is a truth I can count on almost everyday, at some point throughout my day something will come up that I am not prepared for, don’t expect or just do not want to accept.  If I know this is bound to happen I should do my best to prepare for such events or situations.

I am so grateful that I began practicing acceptance, soon after I was presented the benefits it breeds.  Classically I would have extremely high expectations of the people in my life, and how I would feel situations and opportunities should play out.  Almost without fail I would become very upset when things did not work out the way I thought they should or people neglected to treat me the way I imagined they might.  As soon as that cycle would start it was incredibly hard to find the end, I was bothered by the world and I couldn’t accept life as I was experiencing it.

What has changed through the practice of acceptance is that I have gained a deep rooted belief that the universe around me is exactly the way it is intended to be.  If I have that belief then nothing truly can be wrong, and I am exactly where I am supposed to be in this moment.  Acceptance is a very powerful tool that I can choose to use to save me from myself.  It hardly takes any effort at all just a choice in the idea that maybe this really is the way things are supposed to be due to the fact that this is the way things are…

Affirmation:  My life is exactly the way it is intended to be in this moment and for that I am grateful!

Call to Action:  Take some time today to look at your experience and see what is causing you the most pain or discomfort.  Ask yourself if you could accept the situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be would you feel better.  If the TRUE answer is yes, try acceptance on and feel some liberation and freedom.  Please share if you dare…Thank you life…

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