43. Kindness

“The first thing a kindness deserves is acceptance, the second, transmission.” – George MacDonald

At this point in my life I watch very little television, I stay away from news and tabloid style programming, but recently I seem to catch myself getting pulled into politics and sports.  The atmosphere of both politics and sports is so incredibly polarizing that it seems characters on both sides of an issue or event would literally go to war against their fellows to stand up for their team or party. Most of these people, by all other standards, are completely sane in their affairs which makes this overwhelming passionate anger so shocking to me as the viewer.

I take this chance to look at myself and see where I am taking this kind of ideal into my life because my truth tells me that regardless of the outcome of a sporting event or political race my duty will still be one of love and kindness toward my fellows.  I need to remember that in the moment, this person who has different beliefs or passions than me is still my brother or sister on this planet and my job is to treat them that way.

It is amazing how far a little bit of kindness can go in the world.  Some of my greatest memories are moments in time when someone took just a little bit of extra effort by expressing some kindness.  The action brings joy to both parties and the beautiful thing is that there does not even have to be a reason. A random act of kindness with no reason usually results most likely will be filled with even more wonder.

Affirmation:  I am a loving being above all else and my job right here, right now is to be a vessel of kindness to the entire world around me.

Call to action:  You guessed it, get out in the world today and do some uncharacteristically good deeds for some of your fellows.  Spread so of your extra joy into the first place you can and keep up the practice for a day.  Not only will this be a Friday for you to change your life but you might just change someone else’s in the process… Go, go on…

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42. Double Down

“trust the process” – Mug at a coffee shop

This past Sunday I was able to live a dream of becoming a professional speaker. I got in front of a room of people and shared a message of inspiration and love. While preparing for my talk I was stuck on the last point to share about. The Friday night before I was set to talk I went to dinner with my mother and to a coffee shop afterwards. We were waiting for our drinks, and my mom picked up a mug and said “look isn’t this great and turquoise is my favorite color.” I read the inscription on the mug that simply said “trust the process”. The light bulb came on, and I had the last point of my talk.

The last two years of my life have been full of incredible blessings. As I am able to reflect back one thing that I can see over and over again is when I sit back and do the work I need to take care of today everything in the future works out. This is not to say I do not have bumps in the road or tough days, but all I have to do is get through that day and not give up. Conversely when I try to force things to work just the way I want them to, they usually do not and in the process I get worked up, frustrated and stressed out about the situation.

At this very moment I feel that I am in a great deal of flux and uncertainty. What I know from the depth of my being is that if I handle what I need to today, and truly trust in the process of life, everything will be amazing. This gift I give, this gift I receive, and this gift you share is Life in action. Thank you Life!

Affirmation: At this moment I trust in the process of life. I will do my best right now so I can receive the best life has to offer.

Call to Action: You may be pickig up on a theme here in our writing. In our lives the need to let go of results in this moment is so important we need to continue to do the work to feel the releases that life offers. I hope you have followed us and began to trust more, fear less and live freer as a result. Take some time and give back this week, share with the CYLFriday community an instance when something in your life seemingly worked out amazingly well. Please also let us know why you trust the process moving forward from here. Your words will help us all trust a bit more.

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41. Truth

“All I have seen teaches me to trust the creator for all I have not seen.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson 

A few years ago, I was going through a situation, which brought about a great deal of fear surrounding my future.   Not really one specific event, rather several small points where I would get lost in the fear of what was around the next bend.  I was sharing many of these small yet encompassing fears with a friend, when he realized that I was very present and full of joy. Although, nothing in my circumstances had changed he posed a question that I have shared several times since; “is this the future that you were so worried about?” At that time I made the shift, it became very clear that when I was dealing with this moment, those worries of the past and fears of the future no longer exist.

I am now in a space that many people would fully justify me to feel worry or fear based on the outside circumstances in my life.  I have a new beginning at a job, I am living in a new place, I am reconnecting with old friends and building new relationships and I am financially in a lower place than I have been in a very long time.  Through all of this though I am full and confident in a future that I cannot fully see yet, the result is a keen ability to live the best I can in the present.  This trust comes from what Emerson eludes to in our quote, All I have seen, my past experiences have proven to me time and time again that everything will be exactly the way it is intended to be, so my job is simply to not worry and keep moving forward. 

I cannot bring to mind a feeling or thought that has been more detrimental to my growth than worry.  Worry is like a disease that feeds on itself to steal time, love, joy and wonder from the world around us.  I choose today to further let go of worry while dedicated myself to taking as much actions as is necessary to cure that disease.   “Is this the future that you were so worried about?”

Affirmation: Today I trust that everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be.

Call to Action: This week, watch out for how controlled your life is by worry and fear.  When you are struck with it be prepared to affirm that in that moment you are exactly where you are supposed to be.  Recall those times in your past where it seemed all was lost to build this belief that moving forward everything will be the way it is supposed to be.  Take the action to separate worry from your world…starting, NOW!!! We never said change was easy, trust us, it is good.

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“One day at a time” – Them people

Usually around this time of year I take on too many projects. I find myself in over my head and stressed out. This is not how life should be lived. This year was different, I knew it was coming, told everyone my calendar is full until November, and it still happened. I found myself in over my head yet again.

Years ago a friend in a high stress field shared his insight. He mentioned when he was in school the stress was almost unbearable. He used the phrase, “One day at a time”. Then he broke it down further: one task at a time, one hour, and even one minute at a time. I was thinking of this when I was getting ready this morning. I realized that for me one task at a time seemed like an appropriate increment. My day went great today. I accomplished all that I set out to and even some more.

At the end of my day just as I was leaving my night class a project due date got moved up to next week. Instead of worrying, complaining, or stressing out about it, I just plugged it into my weekend schedule. My new attitude towards the “things I have to do” was acceptance, and I realized what this weeks post needed to be about.

Affirmation: This moment is the only moment that I need to be in at this moment. It feels so good to live right here, right now.

Call to action: Break up your day into tasks that you need to do. If you don’t have a high stress life or to many things to do, think about that project you have been wanting to start but didn’t have the time. Make the time and get started, one piece at a time. Until you figure out how to put a puzzle together in one motion continue to practice this art of present purpose. Share a bit about how this has applied.

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