39. Focus

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” – Bruce Lee

Last week’s call to action asked us to make a list of desires and determine if we were willing to put in the effort to achieve these things. Throughout the week I pondered on and really had to ask myself at a gut level if I was willing to put in the effort to achieve these goals.

It dawned on me that during my short time on this planet I have had tons of goals, dreams, and things that I wanted to accomplish. The only ones that I have completed are due to focused effort. Monday night I turned on my computer to “do a couple things” with no real focus or intention. Next thing I knew it was 2 AM, I had wasted 4 hours, and accomplished none of the tasks I had set out to do. Is that how I want to spend my life?

Today I want to be successful in all my endeavors. I believe that I am an average man, so how do I create greatness? If I take my list of things I am willing to put effort towards and couple that with Mister Lee’s advice to bring forth a laser-like focus I truly know that anything is possible.

Today when I want to change my life I change my focus, and make my new focus so compelling to my inner being that to go back to my old way of life is out of the question.

Affirmation: I focus my thoughts, words, and actions in such a way that I know anything is possible.

Call to Action: Determine one thing you want to achieve by midnight tonight. Focus every thought, word, and movement towards that thing, and challenge yourself to not go to sleep until you have accomplished your goal.

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38. Effort

“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential. “ -Winston Churchill

As a younger man, I was always haunted by the word potential. I would constantly hear from teachers, disciplinarians, friends and parents, including my own; you have so much potential. In truth, I doubt I had any more potential than the next person, what I did have was a complete lack of focus, direction and effort to become a better me.  I believe what they were referring to was some form of disappointment revolving around my life choices at the time. Today I feel that we all have the potential to be perfect expressions of life on a daily basis, all that is required is continuous effort in that direction.

Looking back over my life it is easy to see when things began to change in a positive direction.  I can pinpoint events and circumstances when I choose to put in work and let go of expected outcomes.  The results have spoken for themselves; I feel my life today is an example of that potential people spoke of when I was younger.

The beauty of this concept is that as much as I feel I have incorporated it in my life I can always find spots where more effort and commitment will help me achieve the next goal I have set for myself.  I recently found myself in a space where I was wanting something to happen for me, this made me feel pretty uncomfortable because after some introspection I found that I was not willing to put in the work.  Today I get to look at my wants and desires from yet a new perspective, do I want something bad enough to put forth the effort or do I just expect things to happen for me?

Affirmation: Today is the perfect day to go get what it is I want and release the things I am not willing to work for.

Call to action: Make a list of the things you want in your life today.  Do not be shy to put everything down from the material to the ethereal.  Now write out how you can get those things.  Finally ask yourself if you are willing to put in the effort for them. If the answer is no, it may be a good time to release that space in your core for the things you are willing to work for.

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37. Curiosity

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we are curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” –Walt Disney

I am so very grateful that at this point in my life I have a true hunger for knowledge and the passion to learn.  This was not always the case but today I feel drawn to look deeper and seek further than I ever had before.

I have a couple of colleagues that I look up to in my area of interest who are younger than I am. They have been practicing our craft longer than I have.  They have excelled and I find myself asking them questions, looking to them for guidance, and seeking out their experience to perfect my craft.  I always speak up when I do not understand what is going on, because no one ever looked down on me for asking questions.

I was excited when a friend gave me a suggested list of reading to continue my quest, and I ordered every book. Reflecting on other aspects of my life where I have been most knowledgeable and people ask me for advice, it occurred to me that I have done a great deal of reading, studying, and putting it all to practice. I realize that it is my curiosity that has been my benefit in all these areas.

Affirmation: My curiosity in life leads me to the Universal answer. Every question in my mind today is a clue to my next adventure. I love me some curiosity.

Call to Action: Think about what you may want to learn or perhaps areas of your life that you are lacking; now think about the areas in your life that you have the greatest knowledge or skills.  This week impart how you aquired the knowledge you have and apply that same effort to the areas you want to grow in. Share with the CYLFriday community what simple step you are going to take today to advance towards future knowledge.

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36. Anicca/Impermanence

“This too shall pass” – Proverb

In this moment I feel like a king sitting on top of the world. The previous three days I have felt quite the opposite. It seems I have found myself on an emotional roller coaster, and I do not really know why.

A few months back I went to a meditation retreat and one of the statements the man leading the meditation would say over and over was “Ah-KNEE-CHAaaaa” or anicca. It was a reminder that whatever we were feeling during our meditation, at that moment, would certainly change. It was true time and time again much like it is in life.

During the past three days of discomfort, discontent, frustration, and unhappiness I was able to remind myself of the impermanence of life. One of the ways I did that was by remembering that this too shall pass.

Driving home from a friend’s house tonight I was listening to a song and the lyrics danced into my ears “I’m still a little more lost than I am found, but I’m comin’ around, but I’m comin’ around.” The waterworks came on and there I was driving my Jeep, blaring a song with therapeutic tears rolling down my cheeks and it felt good.

Affirmation: This too shall pass, Thank You Life!

Call to Action: In life there are so many great windfalls and failings that in their moment seem to have all the control over us. Eventually just as the proverb goes, those things pass. Take some time using this as a reminder that time will do it’s work and our current circumstances although sometimes unbelievably will indeed pass. Make the choice if you have the guts to push them through right now in this moment or make the choice to continue letting them control your circumstances. I am going to let go of some fear, Right Now and affirm the good in my life…care to join me?

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