17. Dream

“Your only responsibility is to dream the grandest dream possible in order for the Universe to showoff through you.” -CYLFriday Crew

At some point in my life did I sacrifice my dream for security? Your rent is due, get a job.  Your car payment is due, get a job. Perhaps we work at another job to pay our bills, chasing our dream on our day off. Then our “job for the meantime” turns into overtime. The boss says, “Business is good, can you come in on the weekend? Can you stay late tonight?” At what point did I forget about my dream?

I was speaking to a friend who used the phrase “live to work, instead of work to live”.  That is not how I want to live. I was having less and less time off and consequently less of my dream. I felt the moment had arrived to chase that dream full time.

During the little time there was to focus on my life’s calling a lot of practicing, planning and preparation took place. I never lost sight of the grand scheme. Every single day I catch myself thinking about my goal, I know it is time, and I recently quit my job, with much relief, to follow my dream.

Affirmation: My dreams come from the divine knowledge within my core. I let my intuition lead me to the most amazing life I can imagine.

Call To Action: Find a place in your life that security has taken the place of your dream and determine a way to shift your life back towards your dream.

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16. Perspective

“I want my perspective to come from a heart that is full of love.” –CYLFriday Crew

This past week tragedy and loss hit very close to home for several of my friends and I. Two people that we were close to passed on. An outcry of sadness was created immediately followed with an extreme out pouring of love and support for those that were most affected by the losses.

I quickly gained two beautiful lessons about perspective. The first lesson dealt with what is truly important as opposed to what I am often tricked into believing matters. I think it is very common to get caught up in concerns about the cosmetics of life that wax and wane through the course of our days and weeks. Today I remember that the love of friends, family and community is most important in my life.

The second lesson had to do with what I focus on. It seems we often have two choices in how we view any situation, one of fear or one of love. Option 1, I can allow my attention to dwell on the loss and pain or option 2, I can turn my attention to the love and connection that grows during tough times. This idea is as old as mans ability to reason, how do I view the glass? I choose to believe that the glass is half full. When I see the glass as being half full I am seeing the total potential of the situation and I am focused on the good. If I were to see the same glass as being half empty I am living in a state of fear with a belief in lack, focusing on what is wrong.

Life constantly provides experiences that offer us the chance to change the way we look at the world. Sometimes it takes very drastic experiences to make changes but I think that if we begin to cultivate a half full attitude on a regular basis then when troubles do come down the path we are prepared for them.

Affirmation: Today I choose to look at the world around me with pure love.

Call to Action: Take one thing in your life that has been a challenge and see how you can look at it from a different perspective or decide if it is truly important. Please share your thoughts below.

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15. Gratitude- We Love You Marco

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. -John F. Kennedy

A great friend and inspiration for all of us at Change Your Life Friday is preparing to make his transition.  The result, albeit sad is an extreme amount of gratitude for the love and lessons that he taught us and so many others during his life. So today we are grateful for the moments that we have had and the lessons we are still being taught.  It is also very clear through this experience that just feeling grateful is not enough for this or any other moment.  We are finding again that gratitude is an action, which is coming through thanks to all of the love and prayers being shared for him and his family in this most precious of moments.

This experience is an amazing reminder of how important it is to live a grateful life.  What does that look like?  It is very simple, share with others the good that they bring you, live with the knowledge that this life is a gift and always look for what you can give to the world while not worrying about a gain.  We choose to live this way today, care to join us and as a result, Change Your Life?

Affirmation:  I am so grateful for the gift of today; I will share it with EVERYONE I encounter.

Call to action: Live today for the world around you and see how much peace that you receive in return.  Find those spots where you can give of yourself and give freely.  Please share with us how your grateful living is inspiring your fellows.

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14. Moment

“Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed.” -Wayne Dyer

Live every MOMENT fully!  I was pondering what the most important moment in my life has been and the constant response is the only moment there truly is, THIS ONE!  As I write this edition I am doing it with presence and love. As you read this notice the beauty of life that is around you right now. I am at peace because I am here with you truly living for right now, this day, this moment.

A good friend of mine used to call me and remind me to live in and for this moment.  When I would answer the phone he would ask, “Where are you, what time is it?”  At first I would always say the place I was and look at my watch for the time.  After some loving coaching he directed me to a slightly different answer, “I am here, it is now.”  This has become a mantra in my daily life to keep me here and now.  What that reminder can easily do is bring me back from the mental time machine that takes me to yesterday’s faults and tomorrow’s foes.  When I am in this moment nothing else could ever matter and my life is once again changed.

Affirmation: In this moment I am one with all there is.  I feel peace and love knowing that I am here and it is now!

Call to Action: Set some reminders throughout the day to ask yourself and your fellows if you are bold enough, “Where are you, what time is it?”  Share with us how your life is changing in this moment.  Thank you for being such a great part in my moments.

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